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Endless Stories Fire Protection

What do we do?

In 2017, Endless Stories Fire Protection (E.S.F.P) identified requirements and inspection needs with-in the building codes (1705.17 & 1705A.17) that are commonly misinterpreted, neglected, or ignored. These requirements and special inspections are the foundation of healthcare occupancies and every large building’s basic fire protection. The foundation and basic fire protection area of expertise at E.S.F.P is the building’s fire rated separations and containment. All buildings within Risk Categories III and IV are required to have third party firestop inspections of new and exiting “Listed Firestop Systems”.

In the healthcare construction industry, specifically before fire sprinklers and fire alarms come into design and development, “containment” and “passive fire protection” needs are identified and constructed.

California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) has given direct interpretation into who should be inspecting those new, existing, and tenet improved penetrations in fire-resistant building features. The California Building Code has also identified the need for these construction features to be inspected and has provided similar third party inspection options for local authorities with jurisdiction to follow in case the jurisdiction requires additional expertise in firestop inspections.

(1705.17.1 Penetration firestops & 1705.17.2 Fire-resistant joint system).

Known as a Listed Fire Stop Systems, the California Building Code is requiring third party inspector to verify and approve fire-resistive construction joints, perimeter barriers, and firestopping systems.

Let Endless Stories Fire Protection make these “special inspection” requirements easy to understand and even easier to accomplish.

With ESFP, an “IFC Premier Level” fire-stop inspector, will cover all third party firestop inspection services and fire protection consulting needs for the healthcare construction industry & other Risk Category III/IV buildings.

We are here to interpret the confusing and complex third party firestop inspection needs required to complete construction on critical patient care areas such as; care suites, operating rooms, mechanical and electrical equipment rooms, stairways, and all their surrounding support buildings. We are also here to complete the third party firestop inspection requirements for all Category III & IV buildings in San Diego County or surrounding areas.


Knowing about fire inspection is hard, we’re here to help. What is firestopping? How to determine 2016 CBC Risk Category? What is the inspecting AHJ expecting to see after ESFP leaves? At ESFP we like to keep you informed. Click here to view our frequently asked questions.