ESFP Consultations.

ESFP offers consulting services in multiple formats, including On-site, Virtual, and E-mail.



ESFP does a bulk of it’s work through emails. Emails help create initial confidence in ESFP services and also starts documentation history of fire protection and life safety initiatives that are requested. This service is the cheapest of services offered and only consist of ESFP administrative and research fees.



ESFP has recognized the ease of technology and how it has helped construction industries save cost and time on consulting services. Everyone has a small computer in their pocket and allows for substitution of an on-site visit by ESFP consultants. This service is mid-range in cost and helps mitigate time constraints that would make an on-site visit difficult.

construction on site pic ESFP.PNG


ESFP’s On-site consultations are the most expensive of consulting services offered at ESFP. These consultations allows ESFP to get the best and most accurate information. This consultation is suggested for larger-long term fire protection and life safety goals. This service can be complimented with the virtual and email consultations. Not every fire protection & life safety goal requires an on-site visit.